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Monday, September 5, 2011

cotton wool mom

The Cotton Wool Mom is worse than the Helicopter. Not only does she hover around her children she would wrap them in cotton wool - if she could. They are not allowed to cross the road without her - not even when the lollypop man is standing there as the quintessential road warrior/guardian. The kids cannot walk just two houses down the street to retrieve a missing football for fear of them falling, being abducted or swooped by a rogue magpie from surrounding gumtrees. No! They cannot watch any television beyond 6.30pm for fear of advertisements targetting adults. What if a tampon ad appears and the kids ask 'What the hell is that thing?" One Cotton Wool Mom friend of mine was horrified when I told her my children walk unsupervised for five minutes up the street to buy themselves a soft drink from the local store. Not only was she shocked about the unassisted stroll in the 'burbs, she lectured me about letting them have a soft drink (okay I know it's not health food but everything in moderation, right?)

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