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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Cold Blaming Mom

The Cold Blaming Mom was on the warpath today. See, three days ago she hosted mother's group at her place and now her little darling has a runny nose. Who gave her the cold? She is determined to track down the appalling excuse of a mother who dared to bring her kid to her home, knowing he/she had a cold, or was at least on the verge of a snotty nose. She phoned all four women, grilling them about the state of their child's health. "Does - or DID - Bianca have a cold when you came to my place last week?" All women denied bringing a cold-laden kid into Cold Blaming Mom's inner sanctuary. "No, of course not. She's perfectly healthy. And, if she wasn't, I wouldn't DREAM of bringing her over in case she spread her germs to your little darling." So, all the women denied being responsible but Cold Blaming Mom is not an idiot. She suspects the offending mother was Mary-Lou. Why? Because, when she was being interrogated, she said, "Besides, you could be standing in the supermarket queue and the person in front of you might be infected and all he has to do is sneeze and you've caught his lurgy. Maybe that's how your little darling caught her cold. It was not MY little darling." Yes, motherhood has reached a new low.

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