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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Wikipedia Mom

In the school playground today, I witnessed Wikipedia Mom lecturing the mother of a dyslexic child about what she needs to do. First, she needs to read the book "the woman who changed her brain" about a woman's struggle with dyslexia that she managed to overcome and achieve her dreams. Of course, Wikipedia Mom is not speaking from experience. Who needs experience to be an expert in everything? She does not have a dyslexic child. But what she doesn't know about dyslexia isn't worth knowing. Beware: never get her involved in a conversation about whether women should breastfeed beyond the toddler years. Yes, Wikipedia Mom never breastfed her children (it just 'wasn't me', she said) but she knows everything about it. You will never need a dictionary when you befriend Wikipedia Mom. Ask her about everything, she will have the answer.


Claire Organize Your Life said...

Such an annoying type of mum this one! You've summed it up perfectly!

LJ Charleston said...

yes, these ladies are absolute know it alls!

Jane B said...

I had one of these tell me all about breast feeding my twins, not that she had twins, but she knew what I should be doing. Great summing up of a very annoying type of mum.

Jane B said...

I had one of these mums tell me how I should be feeding my twins, not that she had twins but she knew all that I should be doing. Great summing up of a type of mum to avoid.