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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Mean Mom

Tracy B is the Mean Mom. She's always shouting at her kids. In fact, they're terrified of her. She won't let them have friends over to play because she's worried they will make a mess of her house. If her child uses a word that he has never heard of, like Chaos, she will refuse to tell them what it means. "That's what a dictionary is for," she yells. "I am not a dictionary!" She is also mean to other moms. Tracy B went to a mothers group where she spotted a mother of newborn twins, who was struggling to stop their crying. "Wow, you look really stressed out. What's your problem? I've got plenty of friends with twins and they say its easy peasy." She also likes to make women who had c-sections feel bad, "You didn't give birth, a doctor did it for you," she says. Most moms only ever invite Tracy B to their home once. If she's invited a second time it's only because the victim has thought of a good come-back to her nastiness, such as "If I didnt have a c-section, my child would not have been born alive." Here's the truth: nobody dislikes Mean Mom as much as Mean Mom.

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