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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Beware of Natural Birth Interrogator Mom

There seems to be a new breed of mom that gave birth naturally and delight in criticizing mothers who didn't; even when a caesarian is performed in a life-saving situation!

She tells pregnant women, "Oh I hope you don’t have to have a Caesar. It will take away the importance of womanhood."

Following the birth of my twins - born by caesarian (twin 1 had his head downwards, twin 2 had his feet downwards, known as a 'footling breech') an old school friend said snidely, "You didn't give birth, you had an operation."

No matter how your babies are born, you still 'gave birth' to them!

One mother sent an SMS to let a friend know her baby had arrived and the friend responded with ‘natural or ceasar?

Some natural birth interrogators see ceasar mums as copping out, taking the easy road. Do you really think its easy having a major operation that you are wide awake for, as a surgeon cuts through nine layers of skin/stomach muscle - that also means you're left with nine layers of stitches - and then you have to get up right away and look after a baby. A hysterectomy is a less severe operation and women are told to have bed rest for weeks.

Having twins, one is always confronted with that question; "Did you give birth naturally?" When I explain that twin 2 was a footling breech and would have died without medical intervention, one Natural Birth Interrogator Mom shook her head and said, "But surely the doctor could have turned him?"

The moral of the story is this:

Nobody gets to wear a medal around their neck saying, "I gave birth through my vagina."


claire said...

So true LJ! The way some mothers hang onto their view of motherhood as if it is the ONLY possible take on it is so sad but also hilarious. much better to see it as the latter or we'd all go nuts and have no self esteem left!

Annette Piper said...

LOL, I had number 1 'naturally'. Well, I wanted pain meds but it was too late....so when I was pregnant with twins tried to book myself into the birthing suite again, but no-go. The doctor then explained...."look, its all very well to want a natural birth, but if I have to put my hand up there to turn one of them around, do you really want to feel that???" Hmmm. Took a millisecond for me to say "An epidural will be just FINE! Sure you don't want to do a ceasar?"

Tabbatha Rose said...

Birth is birth as long as you have a healthy baby or in our case babies. I had mine at 31 weeks, one in the right position and one footling breech and delivered both vaginally (no choice of mine). Footling breech babies do have a risk of not surviving. I know my son may not have but thankfully my nurses were able to deliver him. Things come up unexpectedly, thats just life.
I enjoyed your blog!

Nina said...

I after 22 hours of painful back contractions, my baby got stuck so I had to have an emergency caesarean to save both our lives.
My mother in law said: "well some people just can't take the pain of a real birth"
My best friend said: " These days, Doctors just give caesareans to shut mothers up who are making too much fuss"
A woman at playgroup said: "Well I had a natural birth, I chose to for the sake of my child, I guess you didn't think of your baby when you chose to have a caesarean to stop the pain."
I ask you!