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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Can't Stop Breeding mom

Can't Stop Breeding Moms are that strange breed of mom that does not believe in contraception and for whom taking a year off in between pregnancies is something of a sabbatical. Seven kids? No problem. They are usually condescending towards 'normal' moms who, on average, pop out two-three children.

"Only three kids? What's wrong? Couldn't you get pregnant again?" asks CSB mom.

"Well, we only ever wanted three kids. Isn't that enough?" shrugs Victim mom.

"No. Three is not enough. You are not doing your bit to help populate the country. I'm not stopping until I have at least five more. Three kids? You should be ashamed of yourself."

Can't Stop Breeding moms usually fall into the extreme categories of being either filthy rich or quite poverty stricken. One CSB mom is pregnant with child number eight and her family is already so poor that both sets of grandparents have had to chip in and buy them a van so they can actually leave the house. On the other end of the monetary scale, I've met a CSB mom who hires a new nanny everytime she has a new addition to the family. Their house is so damn huge there is a separate wing for the hired help.

These moms are harking back to last century where having eleven kids didn’t really raise an eyebrow. Of course, back then, they had a pretty good excuse – there was no contraception, save for the odd old wives suggestions that rarely work (such as having sex standing up)


Tiffiney said...

This post is to funny..I have four but I am done....second marriage is my claim to having four..lol..and I love the all...but it is enough...no more breeding for this mama...:)

Jason Baker said...

Nice like to find one o thee moms and add another one to her collection